Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys have broad and deep experience representing individuals and businesses in a wide variety of commercial disputes. From straightforward breach of contract cases to more complex matters involving allegations of fraud, tortious interference or other commercial misconduct, Gass Turek attorneys develop a thorough understanding of your business, bringing decades of experience, practical judgment and creative problem-solving skills to bear in pursuing a favorable and cost-effective outcome for your business dispute.

Breach of Contract

While common, contract disputes are anything but routine. Gass Turek attorneys have decades of experience applying the complex law of contracts to the unique circumstances of each contract dispute. The same is true for the many other conflicts that arise in the business setting, where our experience allows us to accurately assess, find real-world solutions to and, if necessary, confidently litigate disputes that cannot be resolved.

Complex Financial Transactions

Complex financial transactions are a common source of high-stakes litigation. Gass Turek attorneys help clients navigate the often elaborate contracts underlying these transactions to ensure their business interests are protected.

Shareholder Litigation

Business disputes involving partners, shareholders and owners of closely held companies raise difficult legal issues and often extraordinary personal and emotional challenges for the parties. Gass Turek attorneys understand this and have combined this insight with unique and creative trial lawyer skills in helping clients navigate the difficult legal waters of such disputes.

Securities Disputes

Lawsuits relating to the purchase and sale of regulated securities involve applying complex securities laws while taking into account the high stakes for the parties involved. Securities disputes present the risk of both substantial damages awards and adverse publicity. When facing a securities claim, Gass Turek attorneys work quickly to manage risk and pursue a favorable resolution.

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